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Completed for Hudson Associates, we completely overhauled the then slightly dishevelled Listed house from top to bottom. We kept the renovation of the main house very traditional but rebuilt the coach house entirely with the kind of clean lines and unobstructed views you'd expect from a contemporary home.

We catered for the clients every whim, gas-fired snug for her to wait for him to get back from work in, a dormer populated by a baths big enough for them both to read in, and a cantilevered white-oak staircase which plays the scale of E Major as you walk down it. They sold it for a fortune months after we finished the job. Oh well.

View into modernised kitchen area Exterior by night View from light kitchen ‘E Major’ singing staircase Detail of cantilever stair Rear entrances
Rear entrances Detail of cantilever stair ‘E Major’ singing staircase View from light kitchen Exterior by night View into modernised kitchen area

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